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There are a variety of reasons people participate in therapy. Through my training in Psychoanalysis, Existential Psychotherapy and Cognitive Therapy I provide services to adults interested in deepening their psychological awareness, individuals experiencing crisis, or psychological conditions*. 

As a credentialed Marriage and Family Therapist, I also treat couples and minors. Couples treatment best functions as a practice to enrich the health of a relationship, but many benefit from couples treatment to resolve a rupture in the relationship such as infidelity, abuse or neglect. 

Similiarly, child therapy can be utilized to strengthen family relationships, or function as a way to modify maladaptive behaviors. 


*Psychological conditions- anxiety disorders, compulsive behaviors, depression, mania, substance abuse, substance dependency, and acute psychosis (paranoia/hallucinations). Auxiliary treatment may be required. 

How to participate in therapy

If you would like to discuss a personal matter, please contact me to set up an initial consultation. During our initial consultation we'll address primary concerns as well as review a treatment plan (which includes goals & expectations). 

Email address:

Phone: (323) 557-9456


  • Individual Adult sessions are $200 (50 minutes).

  • Family/couples therapy is $250 (90 minutes).

  • Initial consultations are free.

Rates are on a sliding scale, which means the fees can be lower than posted to accommodate for frequency of treatment and/or individual financial situations.



I accept private pay and many insurance companies will reimburse for some of the cost of therapy provided by an out-of-network provider.  Please bring your insurance card to our consultation to discuss reimbursement. 

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